Forgotten Spaces


B23235 Lakeridge Road Cannington ON L0E1E0 CA


  • clean out gutters
  • trim shrubs
  • weed garden beds
  • divide perennials
  • paint window frames
  • repair screens
  • fix front door
  • assemble and install new shelving
  • repair and stain deck
  • clean out hall closet
  • hang new mail box


  Assistance for Busy Homeowners and Seniors


  In today's busy world, having the time to attend to family and loved     ones is a challenge.  Forgotten Spaces fills the gap for busy families;   and provides assistance for busy homeowners and  loved ones to live

 an easier, simpler, safer and more carefree life.

Garden Assistance

Organizing & Packing

Minor Home Repairs & Maintenance

People hard pressed for time or seniors that need extra help can now have the ultimate helping hand from experience and trustworthy staff at Forgotten Spaces.

We are ready to assist you and offer you a chance to have more TIME, FREEDOM and PEACE OF MIND  ..... something most of us desire but few of us ever achieve!

Think of us as your Personal Time Provider.  Simply by handing over your "To Do List" and making it ours, we can "Simplify Your Life".

Our Services

  • organize garages, basements, closets & cupboards
  • sort, pack & label items for storage

  • customize your home to your needs
  • outdoor maintenance

  • refinishing decks & sheds chairs
  • custom garden structures

Yard Work

  • Spring / Fall cleanup
  • Ongoing weeding & maintenance
  • Planting, dividing, clean out of established garden beds